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Tablecloths, Table Skirts, Runners & Overlays, Chair Covers, Caps, Sashes, Bands & Accessories

Whether you’re planning for a wedding, sweet sixteen, quinceanera, bar/bat mitzvah, birthday party, baby shower or corporate event, the devil is in the detail. Carefully coordinated linens give the first impression and finishing touch to your event.

The single largest mistake clients make is to ignore the significance of table linens and or chair covers. Properly chosen linen rentals make your event themes, color palette and centerpieces pop.

We offer linen rentals in a wide variety of budgets, sizes, styles and textures. Choose from our large selection of pre-matched and custom designs or let us create linens to suit your style.

Our linen rental services include setup and take down to eliminate additional stress on the day of your affair. We service New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

*All prices are subject to delivery fees.

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Linens, Skirting, Overlays & Runners

Linen Materials

A table linen should hit the floor. While some venues may provide free white or ivory linens or overlays with your event package (often in cotton or polyester), we recommend elevating your event with linens that reflect your style, décor, and theme. Synthetics like Satin and Organza are the least expensive, ranging in price from $10-$40 each. Sequin, Embroidered, Textured, or Patterned linens are a more extravagant option, ranging in price from $50-$140 each.

Linen Sizes

Size matters. Banquet tables, chairs and linens come in many generic trade sizes.
The standard table height is 30”. Most venues use a round- or square-backed banquet or Chiavari chair. It’s important to know the size table or chair you are covering.
Sweetheart tables are also available in many sizes and configurations. Most venues use an 8-ft rectangle, which seats 4 people on one side. Some have serpentine, crescents or half-rounds for which there are no standard linens and skirting is used instead. The table below has standard linen sizes for common banquet tables.

Most Popular Colors:
✦ Blush Pink
✦ Gold
✦ Sweet 16
✦ White
✦ Silver
✦ Black
✦ Red
✦ Aqua
✦ Black
✦ Navy
✦ Fuchsia

Skirting and Specialty Linens

High-end specialty linens are generally used for special areas of interest like the sweetheart table or cake table. Other special tables of interest are usually used for table cards, favors, and or candy bar displays.

These high-priced linens may be hand-made, composed of expensive fabrics, unusual materials, and or light up. Prices for these can range anywhere from $80-$250 per linen or skirt. All skirts require an additional linen on top of the table as well as Velcro table clips and or pins. Please note that the thickness of the table determines the size of the clip. Standard commercial grade banquet tables use smaller clips then the big box store plastic tables.


An overlay is one table linen layered on top of another. This is a dressier option that brings texture and dimension to your tabletop. You can even select to have the sides draped or pined for an extra dose of glamour.


Runners are the latest and leading trend for budget-friendly events. They are a great minimalist approach that achieves maximum results.
Our runners work for any size table and can be draped over a table linen or simply used in place of one. We offer a variety of solid colors, patterns and textures to choose from such as Stripes or Lace.

Chair Covers & Caps

Take your chairs to the next level with rental covers, caps or hoods.
Chair Covers completely disguise the chairs provided by the venue, which can be an eyesore. I have personally seen carefully curated décor ruined by ugly banquet chairs. Unless the chairs are one of your décor colors and worked into the overall design, plan on adding chair covers to your budget.

Covers effortlessly heighten your event’s ambiance and appeal. From elegant fabrics and finishes, our covers come in many price ranges, colors and textures.

Or, go for a similar option with Chair Caps. These mask the back of your chairs and the legs in a floor-skimming style. You can even opt for a cropped cap, also known as a Hood. These perfectly slip or tie over the chair backs, covering half.
Covers, caps and hoods are a smart and stylish way to ensure that platinum look. Our caps and covers will instantly dress up and elevate your event and fit most venues’ standardized Chivari or banquet chairs. They can perfectly match your linens or be mixed to achieve beautiful contrast or classic color combinations.

Chair Sashes & Bands

Sashes and bands are an easy way to add some fun and flair to your chairs. From a variety of colors, textures and widths to choose from, they deliver a clean and streamlined look.

Sashes are a creative way to completely customize your setting. Whether the ties are left hanging loose, gathered in a grand bow, or woven around the chair’s rungs, this is a chic and sure way to add an element of artistry.
Bands are another favorite finishing touch that can make all the difference in your decor. They are a great way to incorporate your event’s colors and save time.

Turn Out the Lights Linen & Chair Cover Faux Pas

Cover your table legs. Tablecloths should hit the floor. Oversize linens create a nice pool on the floor, known as puddling .

And cover those ugly banquet chairs. I have seen carefully curated décor ruined by ugly banquet chairs. Chair covers come in many price ranges, colors, fabrics and textures. You can also rent chair caps and hoods, which cover just the backs of the chairs. Unless the chairs are one of your décor colors and worked into the overall design, plan on adding chair covers to your overall budget.

Never use black linens for an evening event. Most venues offer white or black linens for free. Some also offer free colored overlays. Think carefully about what you will see in the dark not daylight. Most events are in self-contained windowless rooms in the evening. When the lights go out, anything very dark in color will basically disappear. This includes navy blue as well as black décor. At most, you might see the texture or shine of a sequin or satin linen, but otherwise, most of your money will be wasted.


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