Event Candles by the Case

Event Candles in all Sizes, Colors, & Shapes

Gold-Sequein-Linens-with-Crystal-Pillar-&-Floating-CandlesEvent candles come in many standardized sizes, shapes and colors to fit your holders, containers and stands. Candles can be purchased by the case or rented as part of a centerpiece or candle lighting installation.

Event candles are unscented and maximize burn time. Stick with dripless varieties made by American manufacturers for the best quality control and safety.

Note that in windy conditions, even indoors, all candles will drip and can soil linens and flooring. Paraffin is the most widely used wax, however, other waxes like beeswax, soy wax, palm wax, gels, and synthesized waxes are popularly used in decorative and scented home décor and aromatherapy candles.

Most Popular Events:
✦ Wedding
✦ Baby Shower
✦ Sweet 16
✦ Communion
✦ Bridal Shower
✦ Bat Mitzvah
✦ Bachelorette
✦ Sweet 15
✦ Anniversary
✦ Prom


Taper Candles

Tapers are long, narrow cylindrical candles that narrow slightly from a wider base to a conical tip. Standard tapers are hand-dipped with a diameter at the base of 7/8″. Standard taper candles are available in 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 15″, and 18″ heights. Taper candles must be held upright with a holder, the most recognized of which is the 5-arm candelabra. Taper candles can be purchased by the case, as part of a Sweet 16 Candelabras® or rented as part of a centerpiece installation.

Pillar Candles

The defining characteristic of the pillar candle is its width, which separates it from tapers and other narrower candles, allowing them to be burned for extended periods of time. Pillar candles are most commonly molded in square or cylindrical shapes and come in many sizes, colors and finishes.

Standard event-grade candles are scentless and dripless and available in heights of 3”, 6”, 9” and 12”. Widths can vary from 2” to 6”.

Pillar candles are often used to light floral arrangements. They make great rentals because they can be used over and over again. They can be placed directly onto the tabletop, placed into a container or on holders. Arranged in graduated groupings, the golden glow of candlelight makes a romantic centerpiece rental. Pillar candles can be purchased by the case or rented as part of a centerpiece or Sweet 16 Candelabras® candle lighting installation.

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Votive Candles

Votives are a small candle, molded or poured, often enclosed in a glass casing. Available in many colors, votives add a small pop of color to enhance your tabletop and create a warm glow of candle light for your guests.

Votive candles are often 2” tall by 1 ½” diameter, although many can be significantly taller and wider. Look for long burning varieties that will last the length of your event, typically 5 hours. Event-grade votive candles will burn 10 hours or longer. They can be purchased separate from the container or pre-poured directly into the container.

Stay away from the small metal votives found in local hardware and craft stores. They expire quickly and will also melt linens and burn skin. Votive Candles can be purchased by the case or added as an upgrade to rented centerpieces.

Floating Candles

Floating candles are designed to float in water. They are molded with oversized tops and small bottoms so that they will remain stable as they burn, rather than tipping, listing, or inverting themselves. Floaters are molded from wax or gel into a disk or flower shape and are available in 2” and 3” widths.

Floating candles make dramatic centerpiece rentals when lit from inside. Graduated cylinders magnify the decorative contents within, making a mesmerizing display for your guests. Large groupings can be combined with flowers and other centerpieces to fill large areas of tabletop or illuminate larger floral centerpieces. Floating candles can be rented in cylinder vases from 4” to 30” tall.


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