Blue-white-dais-with-rotating-lights-behind-pipe-and-drapeGorgeous Backdrops, and Pipe and Drape for Social Events

Backdrops frame the stage or focal point at your Sweet Sixteen, Mitzvah, Wedding or Other Event

Draped backdrops are a derivative of the theatre where they once hand-painted scenic backgrounds on fabric for the stage. They are common in the photographic, trade show, fashion and public relations industries.

Today’s backdrops can be made of fabric, graphics, paper, curtains, branches, flowers and even live plants. They can be built by hand for temporary single-day events or designed as semi-permanent commercially made structures.

Backdrops for Your Celebration

graphic-of-boa-feather-maroon Make a statement and differentiate your display with a beautiful backdrop. These can be flat or curved. Layers of fabric, curtains, beads, crystals or flowers are carefully combined with LED lighting to create a dramatic focal point.

The size of your backdrop is determined by its purpose. Most commercial-grade hardware starts at 10-feet wide x 8-feet high. This is the minimum size for a wedding ceremony or an 8-foot sweetheart table. Backdrops can also be made from trade show popups or handcrafted from wood or tree trunks.

The layers of curtains and floral materials that create a beautiful backdrop are heavy and can tip over creating a potential safety issue. There are inexpensive kits available online that are smaller in size and weight, but might compromise on safety. With installation limited from 1-3 hours, most backdrops have to go up in a hurry. Safety is always paramount. Use a professional to install your backdrop on the day of your event


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Pipe & Drape Curtains

Pipe and Drape curtains can create focal points, serve as temporary spaces or disguise undesirable areas. Pipe and Drape curtains and hardware are available in many shapes, sizes and grades. These can be used singularly as a simple backdrop or in linear groupings to cover entire walls.

Pipe and Drape curtains are also used in structural groupings to form columns and canopies. Pipe and Drape canopies create beautiful and safe Pergolas, Chuppahs, or Mandaps for your event. These traditional, temporary structures can be installed indoors or outdoors and adorned with fabric, flowers or branches.

While commercial hardware is always recommended for assembly, canopies can also be made from trade show popups or handcrafted from a myriad of other materials. The framing and materials that create a beautiful canopy can be very high and heavy. With installation often limited from 1-3 hours, most canopies have to go up quickly yet safely. Always use a professional to install your canopy on the day of your event

Most Popular Events:
✦ Wedding
✦ Baby Shower
✦ Sweet 16
✦ Communion
✦ Bridal Shower
✦ Bat Mitzvah
✦ Bachelorette
✦ Sweet 15
✦ Anniversary
✦ Prom

Step & Repeat Banners

Graphic logo backdrops or Step and Repeat banners are commonly used for red carpet events, but are growing in popularity among private functions.

Step and Repeat banners can be used as a standard photography backdrop or as part of a photo booth. Personalized logos or monograms are created for your event and are printed with a repeating pattern on a large wall-sized banner.


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