Sweet 16 Candelabras®

Personalized Candleholders and Name Cutouts for Sweet 16s, Quinceañeras, Bat and Bar Mitzvahs


Sweet 16 Candelabras® is a personalized candleholder for a candle lighting ceremony. It is composed of a base with 17 candles, a girl’s name, and a coordinated lighting stick.
16 candles are dedicated to special individuals who have influenced her life. The 17th candle is reserved for a good luck wish.

Sweet 16 Candelabras® are handmade in the colors and theme of your event. We have many base designs, fonts and candle colors to choose from. Crystal Rhinestone Script is our newest style.

Sweet 16 Candelabras® are also available for Quinceañeras (Sweet 15) and Bar & Bat Mitzvahs.


Most Popular Themes:
✦ Tiffany
✦ Victoria’s Secret
✦ Great Gatsby
✦ Beach
✦ Frozen
✦ Red Carpet
✦ Coachella
✦ Alice in Wonderland
✦ Cinderella
✦ Winter Wonderland

Base Styles

The base of a Sweet 16 Candelabras® securely holds the candles and the name in place. It can be embellished with feathers, fabric, ribbon, seashells, baseballs, branches, flowers, snowballs, and even recycled wire. Over the years we have created innovative designs for popular and unique themes.

We even offer a Baseless option. Your base style may be determined by your colors, theme or budget.

Themes and Colors

Themes can be driven by popular culture like Hollywood movies, music festivals, television shows, toys, sports teams and retail store brands and advertising. Books, hobbies, fairytales and even geographic locations like countries and historic landmarks are also common themes for events.

Many old themes are reimagined in new colors like Alice in Wonderland’s light blue and white color scheme has become the Red Queen of Hearts in red, black and white. Another example is Winter Wonderland’s classic white and silver color scheme now influenced by Disney’s movie Frozen color scheme of Aqua. When Victoria’s Secret changed its shopping bags to light pink and black many VS-themed events omitted hot pink from the color palette.

Picking a theme for your event can help solidify a direction for the style and color of your party décor. The theme can influence the invitations, the color of the dresses, the linens on the tables, the centerpieces, the LED lighting on the walls, the favors and your cake. Themes can be expressed through color, but also by visual inserts and materials.

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Font Styles: Generic Block Letters vs. Custom Cutouts

Basic Sweet 16 Candelabras® include block wood letters with glitter highlights in your event colors. Upgraded highlights are available in sequins, beads, and crystal rhinestones. You can opt to upgrade to a custom font of your choice. All basic block letters require a base.
There are thousands of font styles to choose from, but some work better then others. Custom fonts like script are created digitally and proofed before cutting. Custom cutout fonts can be mounted on a Sweet 16 Candelabras® base, cake, or made for the tabletop.

Crystal Rhinestone Script Sweet 16 Candelabras is our most popular custom cutout style. We can also cutout logos, monograms and bridal signs.

Candle Styles and Candle Lighting

Our basic Sweet 16 Candelabras® base includes 17 dripless 12” taper candles in the color of your event.
Quinceañeras/Sweet 15s include 16 taper candles.
Bar and Bat Mitzvah candelabras include 14 taper candles.

The baseless candle lighting option can use floating candles or pillar candles. This requires 17 individual glass cylinders or candle bases around a tabletop name cutout.

Sweet 16 Candelabras® takes Creativity to Another Level

Most of our Sweet 16 Candelabras® are created for young girls, however, some of our most challenging designs have been made for boys. A “World Series” themed base was made out of used baseballs. A “Recycling” themed base was done of the planet Earth, and a “Technology Gaming” themed base was made using hundreds of recycled wire.

We even made a Crystal Rhinestone Script Sweet 16 Candelabras® for a grandmother’s 75th birthday celebration. Sweet 16 Candelabras® can be made for anyone and any age.


Founder Sweet 16 Candelabras®

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