About Sweet 16 Candelabras®

It all started with a favor.

My childhood friend was giving her daughter a Sweet 16. She called me and asked for help finishing a candle holder? I had no idea what she was asking me to do. “What is it?”, I asked. She dumped a bunch of wood letters on the table and gave me a sample photo to follow. “I thought I could make it myself”, she said, “but I just can’t. You’re good at these things.”

Sweet 16 Candelabras Site Icon with Register MarkShe was right I had all the tools needed to make something amazing. My Fine Art and Architecture education, print media background, love of cooking, sewing and gardening all came together in the event business. The photos she handed me were hideous and I knew I could do better. “Just leave it here with me,” I said, “I’ll take care of it.” And that was beginning of Sweet 16 Candelabras®. A brand born of giving to others.

And today, 10 years later that 16 year old girl is getting married and I expect to get that call to help very soon. Frustrated Moms still dump off failed party projects for me to fix. And I love it.


Founder Sweet 16 Candelabras®

This section is called “About Us” but really it’s all about you. Each client is an individual, with their own tastes, budget, culture and vision. Our customers love us because we love them. Get the professional dedicated honest service of a best friend you can trust to get it done when you can’t.

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Happy Customers.


Bat-Mitzvah 12/12/13

Cherrise, Just a little note to thank you for making the tables & room so beautiful with your gorgeous colorful feather centerpieces. You were a pleasure to work with and hope to work with and hope to use you again for my next daughter’s Bay-Mitzvah. Thanks again.

P.S. Everyone still talks about the candelabra, especially the master candle with the feathers attached. AMAZING!!!



Sweet 16 2/21/15

Hey Cherrise, Just want to thank you for a spectacular job. The centerpieces are beautiful in the pics and on The web but in person not to be believed. We were so so happy with them. Can’t thank you enough. You’re so talented and a pleasure to deal with. Everything was so easy. Someone posted a pic of the centerpieces on Instagram explorer apparently and a girl who we don’t know asked if we wanted to sell her the centerpieces !! Alanna told her we rented them and gave her your name and web site. Thank you again for everything. They were beautiful.



Wedding 10/09/2016

Cherrise, Thank you so much for your beautiful display of your gold Manzanita trees. They were an absolute hit and I was so happy to see them on each table. They made the room so stunning and unique. Thank you for making my wedding day so special and sharing a vision with me. I love your passion for decorations, you are one of a kind. Thank you so much.


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