Posters and Banners

Personalized Posters & Banner Displays Custom-designed to your specifications in any size, color or shape

Make your event stand out with a personalized poster board or banner. Posters can be mounted to display on easels at your event and are easily transported, so you can bring them home to serve as a memorable keepsake. Banners are a big and bold way to celebrate personal milestones. These can be hung from walls, balconies or on a display piece designed for this purpose.

Poster Boards

Make your event even more memorable with a custom party poster. Commonly used to assign seating as an alternative to traditional table cards or a modern-day guest book where attendees can leave well wishes. Each board is hand-finished with trim and includes pens for signing.

Posters can be manufactured to any size. Our standard 24” x 36” sign in posters are digitally designed with your images to match your event, theme and colors. They are hand finished with trim, glitter, or rhinestones and include pens.
These sturdy posters are easily transported and can be displayed at your venue with an easel. They can also be cutout or adapted as a tabletop display.

*Allow 2-3 weeks for design, proofing and the manufacture of your poster board.

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Honor your celebrant in a big way with a personalized banner. Your images can be graphically combined with font to create beautiful one-of-a-kind displays.

Banners can be hung from walls, balconies or on a display piece designed for this purpose. Banners can be made of paper, fabric or vinyl, depending on the application. Most event banners are for one-time indoor use and may not require waterproofing, UV protection or mounting.
Banners require installation, hardware and/or ladders for setup. It is best to have a professional install these for you the day of your event. Many venues do not allow wall hangings, so make sure to check with them beforehand. There is a myriad of commercial promotional display products that can be utilized instead.

Step & Repeat Banners

Graphic logo backdrops or Step and Repeat banners are commonly used for red carpet events, but are growing in popularity among private functions.

Step and Repeat banners can be used as a standard photography backdrop or as part of a photo booth. Personalized logos or monograms are created for your event and are printed with a repeating pattern on a large wall-sized banner.

Most Popular Events:
✦ Wedding
✦ Baby Shower
✦ Sweet 16
✦ Communion
✦ Bridal Shower
✦ Bat Mitzvah
✦ Bachelorette
✦ Sweet 15
✦ Anniversary
✦ Prom


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