Winter-Wonderland-Money-Box-white-&-silverCustomized Money Box for Sweet 16s, Mitzvahs, Weddings, & Birthdays

Personalized tiered containers used to hold gift cards and envelopes at events.

Generic white Money Boxes or Card Boxes can be purchased online, and are usually handmade. You can choose from a wide array of options from very simple designs to elaborate creations.
Other common types of Money Box alternatives include Money Bags, Birdcages and Suitcases.

Custom Money Boxes

Decorate your gift table and give guests a pretty place to deposit their cards with a customizable card box. These can be adorned with monograms, brooches, fabrics, glitter, rhinestones, feathers and so much more.

Not only does it safely store your cards in style, but also doubles as a place for keepsakes long after the event is over.

These graduated boxes (usually 1-3 tiers) are color-coordinated to match your event and stacked like a cake. A wide slit is made on the top or side for the insertion of cards. They are available in round, square, octagonal and rectangular shapes.

Custom Money Boxes are very labor intensive. Allow 1-3 months for custom-ordered Money Boxes for your event. We also offer Money Box rentals in common colors and themes as well as sewn Money Bags.
Please note: the single largest mistake made when ordering a gift card box is inadequate sizing. Make sure your box is large enough to accommodate the number of guests to avoid over stuffing.


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Money Bags

Money Bags or Sachets are another elegant alternative for collecting cards. These are available in any color or fabric and are securely cinched at the top with a drawstring. They can also be embellished with lace, beads, feathers and jewels to match your event, theme or gown. The bag alternative is also convenient for carrying home.

Kind in mind, the drawstring design makes access easy, so be sure to entrust your Money Bags with a responsible family member attending your event.


Most Popular Events:
✦ Wedding
✦ Baby Shower
✦ Sweet 16
✦ Communion
✦ Bridal Shower
✦ Bat Mitzvah
✦ Bachelorette
✦ Sweet 15
✦ Anniversary
✦ Prom

Wooden Money Boxes

A popular pick for rustic-themed weddings, wooden money boxes can be painted, stained, carved, embossed, or stamped for a personal look and feel. You can rely on these to safely hold all your wedding mementos for years to come. They are available with a separate removable lid or a hinged cover. Wooden boxes are sturdier than the traditional paper mâché style, however, they can be heavy and may not include a slit for insertion.

Money Box Alternatives

Birdcages are a chic and timeless way to capture cards and well wishes. They are sure to catch your guest’s attention as well! These can be woven with ribbons or painted to match your event colors. However, most birdcages are too small and are more decorative then functional.

Sized-down suitcases are well suited for vintage-themed weddings. They are also hands down the easiest way to transport cards from the reception to your home, where they can continue to serve as a special decoration piece.

Other common alternatives for rustic events are wooden crates, wheelbarrows and dresser drawers. Candle lanterns, shadow boxes, wired laundry or egg baskets, as well as mailboxes can also be repurposed as card holders.


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