Manzanita-Branches-with-Floating-CandlesCenterpiece Rentals for All Occasions

Rent Floral and Non-Floral Centerpieces for your next event. Save up to 50% off traditional florist fees.

We service New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

Centerpiece rentals are affordable and convenient. There is nothing for you to pick up, assemble or clean. Our services include set up and take down.

We rent out Crystal Chandeliers, Ostrich Feathers, Pomander Rose Balls, Floating Candles, Pillar Candles and several types of branches and trees. And, all of our centerpieces come with our signature LED lighting.

How do centerpiece rentals work?

Personalized price quotes are generated from the information you provide regarding your event. Once you have selected the centerpieces you would like to rent, we generate an estimated invoice. Your event date is booked with a 50% deposit based upon the estimated invoice. As your date approaches, we update your invoice to accurately reflect your finalized table numbers – the number of centerpieces may go up or down.

We have an 8-table or $500 rental minimum. The final balance is typically due the Monday before your event. We coordinate an installation schedule with your venue. Your centerpieces are installed onsite by professional staff and are removed when your event is over usually between 4-5 hours.

How much do centerpiece rentals cost?

Centerpiece rentals range in price from $50-$350 each. Average rental prices range from $75-$125. We offer low-base costs with à la carte upgrades for any budget. Centerpiece rentals are less than the costs of DIY and include premium materials and professional event-grade workmanship.
*There is an 8-table or $500 minimum.
*Delivery fees are not included in the rental price.

How are centerpiece rental quotes estimated?

The number of tables is multiplied by the base cost of the centerpiece rental. Add-on upgrades are also multiplied by the number of tables. The average banquet table seats 10 guests, however, the size and capacity of the tables vary from 4-12 guests each. A floor plan is usually provided by the venue one week prior to your event.
*Centerpiece rentals do not include delivery fees, which vary by event, quantity, centerpiece style and location.

How are delivery fees calculated?

We have delivered and installed thousands of centerpieces and can accurately estimate the mileage, travel time, and fees for your event.

Centerpieces may have different delivery fees based upon the number of staff needed, the quantity, the complexity or size, the vehicles required for transport, the location of the venue, the installation time allotted by the venue, tolls, parking fees, and or hotel accommodations.

Most Popular Events:
✦ Sweet 16
✦ Wedding
✦ Baby Shower
✦ 50th Birthday
✦ Bat Mitzvah
✦ Bridal Shower
✦ Fundraiser
✦ Sweet 15
✦ Communion
✦ Holiday Party


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DIY Disasters

While it’s not uncommon for a client to DIY to save money, there are certain things best left to professionals. Many clients are left holding the bag when a family member or friend over promises and under delivers, sometimes not delivering at all.

I’ve gotten many calls the night before a party asking for help. One client, after receiving a price quote for a Manzanita tree rental for her daughter’s Sweet 16, decided to buy her own. She spent thousands of dollars on artificial trees, beads and pearls, but she was very unhappy with her result. Several weeks later she called and asked if I could fix it. She drove 3 hours in horrible traffic and dropped everything off to me. I was able to improve her designs and install them on-site for her. In the end, it cost her much more. Her artificial trees were half the size of our rentals. And her words ring true, “I should have just hired you in the first place. I thought I was going to save money. I’ll never do that again.”

Another client called me and said, “I bought 14 Ostrich Feather Centerpiece Kits, but they look awful, can you help me fix them?” The glass was too small and there were not enough feathers. She ended up paying triple the cost in additional materials, labor and delivery to have them installed successfully for her daughter’s Sweet 16.

If you don’t want to be a bride without a bouquet on her wedding day, don’t let your aunt make your flowers. Leave it to experienced reliable vendors to complete important tasks on your special day, so it’s one less thing for you to worry about.


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